ChangeWritten by Jenn Hall, Fitness Expert

CHANGE. You are no doubt familiar with this four-letter word; okay it has six letters but it can elicit a four-letter word response. Change is a scary prospect for many perhaps even for you and that fear often keeps us from reaching or even attempting to reach our goals. When it comes to creating a lasting change, following the three tips below will decrease the fear factor and lead you down a path to better results.

  1. Clear Vision: We all know change can be agonizing so the light at the end of the tunnel must overshadow any perception you have that all of this work isn’t worth it. Sit down and write out how that change will affect you in a positive way. For example, you will be able to fit comfortably into your clothes or you will have a better doctor’s report with as much detail as possible. What does the change look like, feel like, taste like, sounds like, smell like? Refer to the end goal and the details associated with it before every attempt at change (before a workout session, trip to the gym, the grocery store or out to eat) and any time you are struggling. The benefits of the change you are trying to affect must be the driving force in order for you to succeed at any kind of change with minimal “pain”.
  2. Partner Up: Find a positive accountability partner with whom you can share the journey. Be sure to set up a specific plan for communicating your accountability to each other, like texting one another when it’s time to workout if you don’t workout together and/or getting together in person, on Facetime or any other virtual meeting to talk about difficulties and celebrate victories. If at all possible find someone who has already been through the change you are trying to make, as drawing on their experiences will help both of you maintain your change.
  3. Celebrate Small Wins: Any time you experience progress, shout it from the rooftops (and all of social media ☺). Not only will the opportunity to celebrate your victories with others motivate you, it will also motivate anyone who is perhaps considering making the same change you are.

Hopefully these 3 tips will help you on your journey to better wellness- CHANGE on!

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