By Lee-Ann Watanabe, Wellness Educator

Every year, thousands of us compile a laundry list of “to-dos” and “hope fors” in an attempt to keep us accountable. Would I be lying if I told you that making New Years resolutions were a waste of time? Various research shows that four out of five people will eventually break their resolutions and about a third of resolutions don’t even make it past the first month. What can you do different to break this cycle and live well?
It all starts with your resolve. Resolutions are things YOU MAKE; resolve is something YOU HAVE. First and foremost, you need a strong resolve to accomplish your new years resolutions. With resolve, comes commitment. You need to choose an action plan that is intentional; a plan that allows you to flourish-not a list of grandiose resolutions that set you up for failure. Once you resolve to be committed, new habits will form; creating a new way of living well that will bring you new and different results. What habits will you work on in 2019?
At WYAO Hawaii, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many different companies in their goal of building successful corporate wellness programs. We keep it simple and doable. Nonetheless it requires you to Work Your Ass Off (hence our company name). We are not here to sugar coat it. Real change, and real results requires consistency and persistence.

You will need to practice your new habit; set aside time dedicated to solely focusing on that habit.
You will need to show up fully committed; without excuses, resolving to complete what it is you’ve carved out that time for.
You will need to show yourself empathy. Perfection is not an option. Success comes with many mistakes, road blocks and failures. Without rain, there would be no rainbows.
Now I ask you: Will you make resolutions come December 31st or will you RESOLVE to create RESULTS in 2019?

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