By Lee-Ann Watanabe, Wellness Educator

Is your workplace operating from a culture of happiness? Do you have a go-to person at work in charge of employee happiness?

Forbes published a great article discussing how “employee happiness is not just fashionable but also proven to be worthwhile.” The article highlights this recent study finding that productivity increases about 12% when employees are happy and happy employees provide increased effort at work and more importantly provides “scientific support for companies to justify work-practices aimed at boosting happiness on productivity grounds.

How can you create a culture of happiness within your work place?

The Engagement Bridge model is a great starting point. This model lists 7 items you should consider:

  1. Pay & Benefits: Pay and benefits should be according to the market to ensure basic levels of satisfaction within the company.
  2. Workspace & Wellbeing: Work spaces should be inviting and spark creativity. In addition, corporate fitness sponsors, healthy snacks at work or educational workshops are small actions that will create positive habits and make lasting impressions.
  3. Communication: Open communication is vital for employee happiness. Keep regular contact with your team as a group and also individually. Allow employees to learn from one another in a safe and welcoming environment.
  4. Purpose: Employees should be clear on the purpose, mission and values of the company they work for. Uninspired employees eventually lose the sense of what they are doing.
  5. Leadership & Management: Happy productive employees require an alignment between management and leadership. When this alignment is clear, employees know they have free and open communication between the two.
  6. Job Design & Learning: Individual employees need individual roles to ensure challenge, peak creativity and induce happiness. On-going educational opportunities for employee growth is a great way to increase employee happiness.
  7. Recognition: Reward and recognition of an employee’s hard effort is a no-brainer for feeling good at work. There are many ways employees can be rewarded and recognition can come from many sources including leadership, management or fellow teammates.

Work is your second home and your team is your second family. At WYAO Hawaii, we are your Chief Happiness Officer! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to show you how we can help with your team’s happiness factor!

WYAO Hawaii is designed to support companies in the shift from an ‘activity-based’ wellness program to a thriving, integrated results-oriented wellness system. We are grounded in a nationally recognized and research-based model to assist companies through a seven-step sequence toward Workplace Wellness Success.

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