By Lee-Ann Watanabe, Wellness Educator

Sometimes setting goals isn’t as easy as one may think. In working with several companies over the years, our WYAO Hawaii team discovered setting goals and achieving those goals are a common concern amongst employees in various industries across the board.

Setting goals as a company or even setting goals as a team within a company is imperative to creating a cohesive and strong unit within a workplace environment. Do you agree? If so, did you know that there truly is an art to goal setting?

Using our researched-based approach to corporate wellness, our goal setting educational session provides a memorable and easy to use approach to employee goal setting. Below, we’ve included one of strategies we share with our corporate partners – the three D’s of goal setting.


Research suggests people are four times more likely to accomplish their goal when accompanied by a public declaration. Publicly sharing a goal can actually help motivate people to accomplish them. And when you declare your goal out loud, be sure to attach a hard deadline for accomplishing this goal.

TRY THIS: Create an accountability partnership within your office so employees can share goals with one another or dedicate a team leader where employees can confidentially share their goals with that person, in an intimate one-on-one setting.


Using the SMART goal method, do all of the things necessary to accomplish your declared goals. Outline, take notes and do all of the leg work necessary to achieve goal success. Create your road map that you can follow that will get you to your goal. This action plan will help ensure you don’t miss any important steps.

TRY THIS: Have your employees set mini goals along the way and give them weekly incentives to hit their mini goals. A little friendly workplace competition goes a long way. Healthy competition keeps office morale on the up swing and also has employees interacting, cheering and supporting one another through the process.


Do the thing you said you were going to do in the time frame you said you were going to do it. Ha! Delivering your goal is achieving the goal you declared in step #1 in the time frame you assigned to that goal (also in step #1).

TRY THIS: Give your employees a pat on the back for all their little wins — they add up. And when your employees reach their big goal, which is a major milestone, take time to acknowledge it. This reinforces that what they are doing is exciting and important, and gives you (the employer) a chance to recognize those who have helped along the way. Plus, celebrating your employee’s accomplishments will help keep them motivated and focused so they can keep showing up to work as their best selves.

Goal setting is essential to living a life with purpose and meaning. Goals give our lives direction and focus, and help us stay motivated over the long term in and out of the office.

Contact WYAO Hawaii today to set up your company’s unique goal setting educational session. Now is the time to create your team’s strong goal building foundation as we ring in a new decade!

WYAO Hawaii is designed to support companies in the shift from an ‘activity-based’ wellness program to a thriving, integrated results-oriented wellness system. We are grounded in a nationally recognized and research-based model to assist companies through a seven-step sequence toward Workplace Wellness Success.

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