By Lee-Ann Watanabe, Wellness Educator

I’m sure you have heard of the coronavirus; a new strain without a cure out of Wuhan China. With this outbreak, we’ve received many inquiries from our corporate partners to schedule one of our premier educational sessions “How to Stay Healthy at Work” so we have decided to summarize our best tips for you below.

1. Don’t come to work sick

Yes, there are deadlines to meet and meetings that feel too important to skip. But sometimes a day’s Netflix and chill is just what the Doctor ordered; in bed, under the covers with a big bowl of chicken noodle soup are some ways that could just get you on the mend.

2. Give communal spaces a frequent and thorough wipe-down

A disinfectant wipe on light switches, doorknobs, and computer keyboards can minimize exposure to germs and viruses.

3. Wash your hands

An oldie but goodie, this tried and true method of germ disinfection is the easiest way to remain sick free. Because we are so hands-on, the chances of spreading cold germs and flu virus is very high, so be sure to use the ABC method when washing your hands!

4. Get enough sleep

Your immune system is your main line of defense against cold and flu and sleep deprivation is a major hindrance to your immune system. Keep your immune system boosted by aiming for at least 7 hours of sleep most nights of the week.

5. Move your Body

Regular exercise is another immune system booster. Additionally, warding off extra weight is important for overall health, particularly when it comes to preventing colds and flu. A recent study found that overweight and obese people were more likely to fall ill or be injured, and researchers determined that higher BMI indicated an increased risk of injury and illness.

If you need assistance with your 2020 workplace wellness program, contact us today for your free consultation.

What is WYAO?

WYAO is an acronym. It stands for “WORK your ass off”.

When we first started WYAO, we asked ourselves the question, what does it take to get healthy? And the simple answer is, it takes Work. And Work is often viewed as a bad word. But it doesn’t have to be. The right kind of Work can be fun; it can be educational; Work can be a journey; it can be the path to a goal. But Work is always the road to success. And WYAO Hawaii is there to partner with you and your company in the right kind of Work.

So, WYAO isn’t just an acronym. It’s a statement.
WYAO to get FIT

We look forward to boosting your employee productivity and your bottom line in 2020!
WYAO Hawaii is designed to support companies in the shift from an ‘activity-based’ wellness program to a thriving, integrated results-oriented wellness system. We are grounded in a nationally recognized and research-based model to assist companies through a seven-step sequence toward Workplace Wellness Success.

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