By Lee-Ann Watanabe, Wellness Educator

April is fast approaching and no doubt, there’s a lot of stuff on everyone’s mind. How can you possibly fathom fitting in exercise and eating nutritiously when there seems to be so many other demanding items on your agenda?

We at WYAO Hawaii are right there with you! We get it and we understand. This is why we want you to take the next several weeks to focus on MINDFUL MOVEMENT.

What is Mindful Movement, you may ask?

In the simplest terms, mindful movement is a great way to check in with your body and what it’s asking for in terms of physical activity, rather than forcing it into something you feel like you “should” be doing.

During this time, when your regular routine is in upheaval, consider using mindful movement throughout your day to provide a stable environment for both your body and your mind. The result? Mindful movement allows your body to enter a state of balance, despite being surrounded by uncontrollable imbalances.

Here are our THREE BEST ways to incorporate mindful movement into your day, no matter where you are!


Every hour, take a pause to check in with your breathing. As Echkart Tolle once said, a single breath in and out is a meditation. Your breathing occurs naturally and rhythmically. When you pay attention to it, it takes you out of your mind and into your body. Watch and feel the flow of your own breath. Ask yourself, what parts of your physical body are moving due to your breath?


A few times throughout your day, do a posture check. The simple act of a slouching posture or an upright neutral posture does wonders for the mood.

Follow these steps to experience the power of posture:

  1. a) Sit with a slumped posture on a chair.
  2. b) Become aware of your breathing or the sensations of your feet on the floor for one minute.
  3. c) Notice how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.
  4. d) Now adjust your posture to sit in a more upright way.
  5. e) Notice how you feel and what you’re thinking now.

Can you feel the difference? What effect did the new posture have on your emotions? How did your thoughts change, if at all?


We are a 100% plugged-in nation. Why not ditch the phone (mindfully) and take a stroll? During that stroll, practice deep, belly-focused breathing, checking in with how it feels for your feet to rhythmically hit the ground beneath your feet, one after the other. Experiment with a slower or faster pace to find what feels good for you.

With consistent, mindful movement, you get an incredible strategy that can help you manage day-to-day stress in a simple, yet really effective way. Be on the lookout for our ZOOM “Move More Live Better live training series with Terri Dietz and team. And let WYAO Hawaii help keep your company connected with Virtual, Live, Wellness Sessions. Call or Email today to find out how: 808.772.8222

If you need assistance with your 2020 workplace wellness program, contact us today for your free consultation.

What is WYAO?

WYAO is an acronym. It stands for “WORK your ass off”.

When we first started WYAO, we asked ourselves the question, what does it take to get healthy? And the simple answer is, it takes Work. And Work is often viewed as a bad word. But it doesn’t have to be. The right kind of Work can be fun; it can be educational; Work can be a journey; it can be the path to a goal. But Work is always the road to success. And WYAO Hawaii is there to partner with you and your company in the right kind of Work.

So, WYAO isn’t just an acronym. It’s a statement.
WYAO to get FIT

We look forward to boosting your employee productivity and your bottom line in 2020!
WYAO Hawaii is designed to support companies in the shift from an ‘activity-based’ wellness program to a thriving, integrated results-oriented wellness system. We are grounded in a nationally recognized and research-based model to assist companies through a seven-step sequence toward Workplace Wellness Success.

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