By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder, Wellness Writer

Since Covid-19, many employees have been forced to abandon their desks. Employers have made the decision to deliver traditional benefits to their workers’ homes rather than to the office. The world is changing and evolving to meet the needs of a different work environment, many modifications are now part of the “new everyday on the job” reports the Fast Company website.

In recent months, while the economic crisis has been hitting numerous businesses, companies have had to restructure their finances and eliminate some of the benefits they use to offer, like continuing education or trainings. Many employers have been turning their attention toward perks that their staff may need and enjoy to get through this difficult time. That includes mental health resources, flexibility, and monetary motivations.

Working at your own pace

It’s not always easy to concentrate when working from home with children around, also forced by the pandemic to be home-schooled for an unknown period of time. Some companies allow their employees to work at their own pace as long as the project they are working on is completed by the deadline. With flexible schedules, early birds or night owls can find the perfect time to work in an quiet environment.

Emotional support

You can find digital platforms that allow users to receive one-on-one or group training sessions with hundreds of health and wellness providers. Classes range from traditional fitness to mindfulness and meditation to rehabilitation for medical conditions.

Free Snacks

Even though snacking is not a top priority for most businesses in the midst of a global pandemic, the cost of a few treats is small compared to what the employers would otherwise spend on stocking office kitchens or ordering free breakfasts and lunches during meetings in the office.

Not just for the employee anymore

Before the pandemic, benefits were generally intended for workers, with family members rarely being added as secondary beneficiaries of other benefits. Since Covid-19, families are now an area of focus with the possibilities of online summer camps for children, cooking classes for housewives and even exercises to do with the whole family and pets.

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