By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder

The practice of physical activities(moving throughout your workday on a regular basis) contributes to the improvement and maintenance of good physical condition. Muscle capacity and flexibility allow employees to perform their daily activities with ease and energy. This practice also has a positive influence on psychological health. It improves mood, reduces stress and depression. Workers in good physical condition are generally able to perform with more energy and facilitate the tasks related to their job.

Every workplace has an existing physical activity location waiting to be enhanced like hallways, stairwells, chairs and even desks! Changes don’t have to be radical; it might be as easy as improving space, lighting, and encouraging stairs or areas used on the job.

Here are a few exercises you can practice discreetly at the office or while working from home during this time of Covid-19.

Take care of your back while working on your computer:

Sit in your chair, back and head straight, a few inches from the desk. Hold the desk in your hands and try to come closer (gently pull the desk towards you) while staying upright. You will feel the back work, chest open, and even begin to sit taller.

Strengthen the thighs during a business meeting or at your desk:

Sit comfortably in your office chair with your back straight and your feet on the floor. Lift your feet off the ground 2-4 inches and hold this position. (Bonus: your core gets to work too).

Develop your glutes while on the phone:

Sitting up, contract one buttock then the other and finally both, for 10 seconds and release.

Stretching your Arms while sitting in your chair:

Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor. Join the palms of your hands in front of your chest. Press forward and apply pressure to your hands until you feel a stretch in your arms and through the middle to the upper part of your back. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Make sure to breathe.

Stretch your spine while taking a break:

Sitting with your back straight against the back of your chair. Raise your arms as if to touch the ceiling, while lowering your shoulders as much as possible, and repeat this movement several times. Exercising is good, but stretching is essential to good back health.

Control your breathing to relieve stress, anytime!

Sitting or standing, inhale slowly while allowing your stomach and ribs to expand, then exhale as your stomach relaxes. Controlling your breathing on a daily basis allows you to release stress and optimize your focus on the essentials.

If you need assistance with your 2020 workplace wellness program, contact us today for your free consultation.

WYAO Hawaii believes in encouraging and supporting organizations to move more throughout the day. WYAO Hawaii is here to support your wellbeing in and out of the workplace during the NEW and challenging time.

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