By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder, Wellness Educator

Whatever the reasons for your anxiety, you must react quickly and adopt daily tips to live more serenely and regain control of yourself not only at work but also at home. Here are a few pieces of advice given by employees on how they deal with their worries…

Georgianna M., PhD / Associate Professor of Physics Hawai’i Pacific University
There are a lot of stresses these days, so I have a list of things I do to combat them.I try to keep a regular schedule, working from home is chaotic at best. I try to limit my screen time to a specific time of day. I walk my dog every night with my partner and a few close friends in my bubble. I talk to my partner and friends when things are overwhelming. I play with my dog and work in my garden.

Gabriel N. / Office Manager Honolulu
If I can see a course of action that would remove a stressor, that would be my first choice to focus on, and attack the problem at its source. Unfortunately, most stressors are way out of our control. If the stress is extreme, I am likely to self-medicate and sleep, try meditation, or simply disconnect the brain and do some repetitive mind-numbing task. If stress levels are simply overwhelming, I will try to distract myself with entertainment, such as playing games or watching comedies to escape reality temporarily. Moderate stress levels I will handle by doing something that improves my situation, such as exercise, further education, more complex forms of entertainment or connecting with humanity or nature. Any minor stress is generally handled best by spending time with friends, family or pets, or doing something fun, creative or artistic just for your own sake, such as working on my book or programming projects.

John V. / Procurement Specialist University of Hawai’i
I use mellow sounds to help with stress. If you have ever been to a spa then you know what I am talking about. Soothing music and guided meditations have a very relaxing effect. Nature sounds can also be very calming. I also enjoy a genre of videos called ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Both of my children and I find many of these sometimes strange ASMR videos to be very relaxing and help us fall asleep. In 2018 over 13 million ASMR type videos were published on YouTube.

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