The New Year is quickly approaching with the opportunity for renewed hope, joy, health, and resiliency- both as individuals and as organizations. With the New Year come new goals (many of which go unfulfilled as the year goes on). THIS year will be different because THIS is where WYAO Hawaii comes in. WYAO Hawaii is here to support you and your company this year in reaching your wellbeing goals!

Maybe this is the year you choose to onboard a wellness team or new leadership for your organization. Maybe you need help building a roadmap to your organizational wellness goals. Let WYAO Hawaii Corporate Wellness help you find simple, yet effective, ways to reach your wellbeing potential as you reimagine WELLBEING through our Corporate Wellness Bootcamp Offering. It is formulated to be simple, broad, and strategic!

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Bootcamp:

  • Simple steps provided to implement a broad, yet strategic, wellness program
  • Education for your wellness team and leadership team
  • Action items and accountability provided throughout the process
  • Scalable to your current needs- sometimes you just need the right nudge or a little assistance
  • Finesse the WHY behind your wellness program
  • A program that can be iterated year in and year out with new initiatives!

This wellness program has been built thoughtfully and with the real needs of businesses in mind. The Corporate Wellness Bootcamp program will support your company’s mission, vision, and philosophy, while also supporting each member of your team and management.

  • Walk away knowing the WHY behind your wellness program.
  • Understand how your wellbeing program affects and supports your organization.
  • Learn to implement a strategic wellness program to produce the results your leadership is looking for.

Let 2021 be the year you create your company’s wellbeing story! Let’s start a conversation today, 808.772.8222 or

Move More Live Better Course
WYAO Hawaii Corporate Wellness believes in moving better, more often throughout the day! We believe this is a cornerstone to wellbeing! Click below to learn more and take the next steps in creating the paradigm shift to moving more and sitting less!

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