By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder, Wellness Educator and Blogger

WYAO Hawaii Corporate Wellness, INC would like to congratulate one of our client’s, Coffman Engineers, Hawaii on their most recent award, ‘Healthiest Employer, Hawaii, 2020’! Jami Hirota, principal in charge of civil engineering for Coffman Engineers Honolulu office, shares with us how her company found the best way to achieve its fitness and wellbeing goals with the help of WYAO.

Can you give me a quick description of what you do?

I lead a staff of engineers and technicians who are focused on the practice of site development. Our clients include the federal government, state and county agencies, and private developers and homeowners. Coffman Honolulu provides engineering services in the disciplines of structural, fire protection, electrical, mechanical and civil.

What were the wellness program challenges you were experiencing?

Our office was great at organizing exercise activities and weight loss challenges. However, we failed to see wellness as a continuum made up of many parts, of which the physical is only a portion. We were also challenged with our participation levels, which was limited to the same staff for all of our activities.

Why did you partner with WYAO Hawaii?

We knew things could be done better, but we didn’t know where to start. Terri Dietz and her team helped us to gather the missing data about our employees wants and needs. Once we had a better picture of where people struggled with their health and wanted to focus their energy for improvement, we were off and running with a plan of how to best meet our goals. Our activities changed from a competition against others to a competition to become our best selves. Our mission at Coffman is to provide lasting benefits to our clients and communities around us. As a wellness team, we’re focused on delivering lasting wellness benefits to our staff, so they can continue serving our clients and communities. WYAO has helped us to recognize this mission and work to make it part of our culture.

What does this award mean to your team?

The award was a culmination of a lot of hard work from our wellness team and our staff. It helped us to recognize what a positive impact we’ve had on our team members and that we need to keep up the hard work. We have lots more we want to do and it’s the motivation we need to keep focused on the tasks ahead.

WYAO Hawaii is here to support you and your team during these challenging times and beyond. Call or email for an education session that can support, educate, and help your team to continue to step into their best selves!

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