By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder, Wellness Educator

Coming out of the pandemic, lots of things have changed. This new era of work is going to be one where we have shifted expectations about how we should be treated. People have a heightened awareness of wellbeing and why it matters. In order to survive and thrive in that environment, we have to adapt, we have to find new skills and new mindsets. And at the heart of that is… love.

Invest time in your colleagues

What we do with our time says everything about what is important to us and what matters to us. And so when we invest our time in people, there is no more powerful way to show them that we love them. That’s one of the best ways we can demonstrate love. This is true at work or outside the office, it’s true with every person in your life.

Appreciation through small gestures

Show that you are there for your co-workers. Take a few minutes to support employees with stressful projects, connect them with the right people when they have a tech problem, it shows that you care about them.


In a great relationship, we are mutually accountable to one another. Employees and managers need to be accountable to each other. Staff members need to know they can hold leaders accountable and what they should expect from them. But that applies also to co-workers. Managers have to be clear about what they expect from their employees and remind them that they will hold them accountable. There is nothing more powerful than really creating trust in a relationship between employees and leadership.

Recognition by peers

Recognizing the good work of colleagues when we are impressed with the quality of their work. Too many people still believe that recognition at work should come from the manager. It is obviously essential, but colleagues are also important in the appreciation of employees. Think for example of introverted staff members who don’t work a lot with their immediate manager. Their good moves go unnoticed, and yet they do a great job.

Leaving a sticky note on the workstation

Write a little thank you note to a coworker on a sticky note the evening before leaving and stick it to his/her workstation. It will be a nice surprise when he/she arrives at the office the next morning.

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