By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder, Wellness Educator

Many digital workers are returning to their companies but beyond the daily stress of a car trip to the workplace, many factors affect our health. Ill-being at work is one of the worst things we can suffer. Going from a relative freedom to organize your work at home during confinement to pressure from managers to compensate for absences can come very quickly. Stress accumulates in all directions; deadlines are felt more and more and can lead to burnout if nothing is done. Therefore, it is essential to feel good at work, both morally and strategically!

Layout of spaces

The layout of a workspace contributes to employee comfort. A sufficiently large desk spaced apart from others creates a personal comfort zone. Nothing prevents others from coming to enter this area to discuss. The multiplication of workspaces is welcome, especially in open spaces. A sofa and a small table will delight employees to exchange more comfortably over coffee. Employees should not feel cramped and therefore exposed to the danger of contamination of the Covid-19 virus.


Communication is essential, although it is very different from the one encountered during teleworking, the human side is all the more important. Whether it’s to give advice, ask for help, or just chat and laugh. You have to recreate a favorable atmosphere and a real osmosis with your teammates to maintain a relationship of trust. And nothing prevents you from smiling from time to time, it is the best means of communication!

Flexibility in schedules

Having flexible work schedules greatly reduces the stress of being late. The unexpected happens to everyone, whether it is a road accident, an emergency or even imperatives. However, you have to get organized and make up for lost hours to not interfere with the tasks to be performed and teamwork.

Organize activities

Meeting colleagues outside of working hours can be beneficial for team spirit. After-work is very popular, although it has become a little more complex in these times of health crisis. This allows you to unwind over a drink and take a step back from working time in a company. It’s a good way to get to know your coworkers to hear and understand their feelings at work.

Food available

What could be better than a basket of seasonal fruits to start the day? Making free food available to a team is ideal for refueling before a day’s work. It is also a way of discussing and laughing with colleagues to be in a good “mood”.

Decorations to improve creativity

Office decoration is of crucial importance, it is a strategic lever, a way of attracting future talents and clients. Decorating your workplace brings serenity, well-being and increases creativity. The installation of plants, even artificial ones will have positive effects on the mood of each one. This is an aspect that should not be neglected to increase the productivity of the team.

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