By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder, Wellness Educator

Each start of the year is accompanied by its share of good resolutions. Problem: they are often not kept. The solution to not being discouraged would be to opt for a list of intentions instead. These are more easily achievable and will definitely make you feel better.

What do we put in our intentions?

Small or large, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about making you happy. The key difference with a resolution is that an intention is positive and does not generate any bad waves. And as it is a wish, when you take stock at the end of the year, if one of them has not been granted, it will be a lesser burden. Don’t think too big, it’s obviously nicer to tick off a to-do list than to let it turn yellow on the fridge…

Words to set the tone for this year…

Present”: Be more present with people and everything happening in your life. This word helps to slow down and enjoy the wonderful people around you and events in life.

Gratitude”: There is so much to worry or complain about, yet at the same time so much to be thankful for. Every night, make a list of five things that happened that day that you are grateful for.

Discipline”: It is the application that will help you get back to healthier routines, mindsets, and relationships.

Love”: It’s the most powerful expression of energy in the universe and one of the highest levels of consciousness. Focus on sharing empathy, compassion, and kindness with all of humanity.

Kindness”: Look and listen to those you disagree with differently, listen more carefully and fully knowing that kindness is needed for everyone.

Open”: It is about being open-minded, open to new possibilities in work and in play, as well as open to change in order to approach life more compassionately, with a growth and abundance mindset.

Courage”: Choosing to be courageous and going after the hard stuff that will get us to the next level of where we want to be.

Patience”: It’s important to understand that everyone is struggling in their own way. Therefore, if you can have patience with yourself, you will be more likely and willing to have patience with others.

Grace”: Forgive, understand and offer compassion to deepen our appreciation to the struggles of others while not unintentionally adding to their burdens.

Accept”: The time and energy we pour into resisting emotions, overthinking and disappointment is unnecessary and exhausting. Rather accept how you feel, what’s difficult, what needs to change and that today is a new day.

Trust”: Trust that many good things will happen this year, trust in the goodness of people, trust that small voice inside.

Celebration”: Add a ‘daily win of the day’, celebrating everything along the way, not just when we get to the top.

Freedom”: Being flexible, open-minded, and excited about limitless possibilities in work, personal life, and beyond to get the exact feeling state we want to embody and sets an encouraging tone for the new year.

We thought that 2021 would be better than 2020, but it was not… So in 2022, there is no point in multiplying the good resolutions, even more complicated to keep in these hazardous times… This year, do not impose impossible challenges on yourself, focus on small intentions that will boost YOU!

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