Our Corporate Wellness Program Design is formulated to be simple, broad, and strategic! Designed to establish or strengthen your Corporate Wellness Program.

We will help you and your team design and implement a wellness program that will eventually be able to sustain itself! Reimagine corporate Wellbeing strategy through our Corporate Wellness Program Design!


WYAO Hawaii’s simple model to keep us on track to your wellness success:


Planning: Helping you to notice and understand your company’s specific wellness needs and using our curated systems for creating a “wellness snapshot” for your company. Onboard leadership and a wellness team as needed and help create alignment within the company.

Operationalizing: The ROAD MAP segment! This is where WYAO Hawaii helps you create a blueprint for achieving your company’s specific wellness goals and creating a sustainable wellness system through the data collected in the planning phase.

Evaluating: Along the way, WYAO will utilize specific systems to evaluate the success of the wellness program by testing for positive shifts from participation to engagement, as well as overall satisfaction and behavioral changes. More importantly helping you and your team measure what matters most to your company.

Each session is packed with specific pieces of education and simple, ready-to-use tools for your company’s well-being, accountability, and follow-up. We will help you adapt wellness strategies to create the greatest impact for your team!

Corporate Wellness Program Design will support your company’s mission, vision, and philosophy, while also supporting each member of your team and management.

  • Walk away knowing the WHY behind your wellness program.
  • Understand how your wellbeing program affects and supports your organization.
  • Learn to implement a strategic wellness program to produce the results your leadership is looking for through PROCESS, IMPACT and OUTCOMES for long term success and sustainability.

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