Our full-suite program exists for companies that want to invest in a long term (minimum 1 year) customized wellness program.

WYAO Hawaii will help your company to create a foundation for a thriving wellness program. This is where the heavy lifting happens, and we are here to walk with you through each step of this process. With our expertise and creativity, WYAO will assist you in creating a thriving and sustainable culture of overall wellness in the workplace.


WYAO will focus on 3 main steps for building a culture of wellness within your organization:

Planning: Helping you to notice and understand your company’s specific wellness needs and using our curated systems for creating a “wellness snapshot” for your company.

Operationalizing: This is where WYAO Hawaii uses the “Secret Sauce” to create a blueprint for achieving your company’s specific wellness goals and creating a sustainable wellness system.

Evaluating: Along the way, WYAO will utilize specific systems to evaluate the success of the wellness program by testing for positive shifts from participation to engagement, as well as overall satisfaction and behavioral changes.


    I have very much enjoyed working with Terri from WYAO as a partner in my Community Nutrition course at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. As part of the course, I ask my students to compose brief articles on topics in nutrition that are published on the WYAO website. The students gain valuable experience in conveying information on nutrition to the public, and WYAO participants benefit from the students' knowledge. Thanks, Terri, for this valuable opportunity to collaborate!

    JINAN BANNA, PHD., D., CDNAssociate Professor & Graduate Chair of Nutrition

    Working with WYAO has been extremely rewarding for the American Diabetes Association. As a not for profit organization, we rely very heavily on our volunteers. Terri has continued to be such an invaluable resource as a partner for our Stop Diabetes @ Work program. Terri’s passion for health and her desire and enthusiasm to share her expertise and time with others to improve their wellbeing says a lot about WYAO and their commitment to a healthier and happier Hawaii.

    LJ DUENASHawaii Director, ADA Hawaii

    When it comes to one's overall wellness physical and mental Terri Dietz and WYAO (Work Your Ass Off) is there to help you make it happen. Terri has supported me in assisting our youth in adopting a lifestyle that benefits them in living a life of physical and mental quality. Terri is an inspiring coach, teacher and leader that walks the talk!

    DENISE DARVAL-CHANGHonolulu District Health & Physical Ed Resource Teacher

    Terri and her team at WYAO are fireballs. If you need outside motivation to reach your peak potential look no further. Terri and WYAO Hawaii will put you on the right path quickly and with great results.

    DAVID LIVINGSTONThings Worth Saving Publisher

    Mahalo Terri and WYAO Hawaii for coming to speak to my Rotary Club at 7:15 am. You got us all moving and laughing and helped get our day off to a great start. And thank you always for your positive energy.

    GLORIA A.Rotary Club of Metropolitan Honolulu

    WYAO is a great wellbeing organization who listens to our goals, supports our current offerings, and brings fresh ideas to our planning team! Terri Dietz and the WYAO team are engaging, professional and create an inclusive environment for our employees to enjoy programming. WYAO acts as an extension of our organization and quickly adapted to our culture and employer brand to provide crisp marketing materials and presentations. Employee participation, interaction and feedback is always excellent! We are thrilled with the commitment and knowledge level of the team which in turn supports our employees’ wellbeing both at work and at home.

    National Interstate Insurance