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Corporate wellness programs have a proven track record, are a great investment, and will benefit you and your employees. Our partnership will always be a cooperative process, but as the experts we offer a comprehensive solution to improving corporate health and productivity by empowering employees to make healthy lifestyle changes. Learn More about our programs.

The Educational Wellness Workshops

Designed to cultivate healthier and happier employees where in return a company can see an increase in productivity. Each workshop is power-packed with a piece of education, motivation, movement and team building. We are hands-on which allows us to truly meet people where they are and help them use what they have and do the best they can from day to day. happiness, less turn-over and less sick-time of their employees: support healthy behavior and choices.

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À la carte

When considering whether or not to begin a corporate wellness program and which company to partner with, it is essential to consider what will make the endeavor successful. WYAO Hawaii specializes in creating corporate wellness solutions to suit your company’s needs and in augmenting existing wellness initiatives with a hands-on approach

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