Educational Wellness Workshops

Our mission is to help save as many lives as possible in the workplace through our wellness education workshops. Designed to cultivate healthier and happier employees where in return a company can see an increase in productivity.

How we work is simple and hands-on. Once a month we come to your place of business with a different wellness workshop. Each workshop is power-packed with a piece of education, movement and team building. Workshop topics rotate through three main pillars of wellness:

  1. Fitness
  2. Nutritional Awareness
  3. Mind/Body/Spirit/Purpose
Each workshop is power-packed with education, motivation, movement and team building. Our hands-on approach truly meets people where they are. We will connect the dots and create the shift necessary to support healthy employee behaviors. Healthy employees are happy employees which means less sick-leave and less turn-over, allowing people to show up as their best selves every day.

The monthly calendar takes the work-load off your plate and allows us to create a strong culture of wellness, purpose and awareness around feeling healthy and making better life choices. Each topic builds and feeds off the next topic. We use simple engagement and follow up to keep your employees involved.

*Listed below is only a sampling of topics used with companies


“What in the World is Wellness”

A high level overview of what makes up wellness. Setting the stage of the wellness continuum and allowing each participant time to explore where they are on this continuum and where their motivation and grit currently falls.

“How to Turn your Office Chair into a Throne”

A fun, interactive session showcasing how to sit, as well as transition correctly into and out of a chair and simple exercises to sprinkle into your workday to keep the body alert and aware. There is a 7 day follow up to this workshop.

“Re-thinking Nutrition”

A simple, yet fun way to help re-wire how we think about food: learning to listen to our bodies in the present. Simple tools to help us stop and think, for just a second, before we just reach, grab and eat. A few yummy goodies are brought in. There is movement with this workshop too!

“The Happiness Factor”

A fun way and easy way to approach Mind/Body/Spirit and begin exploring what makes you happy and how that happiness translates into your work day and overall well-being. A month follow-up is included with this workshop.

Call or email us today to get started or for more information: 808.772.8222 or We look forward to working with you and your team on your wellness journey!