The BIGGEST component of wellness is Behavior Change. Studies show that participants who track their intake (food & drink) and output (all activity) are more likely to be successful with some studies (ABC news, myfitnesspal, dailyburn) showing up to 50% more weight loss among those who track versus those who do not.

WYAO Hawaii uses state-of-the-art technology accessible by mobile app to help participants track their input and output with fewer steps than it takes to post on social media!

Check out the Features Below!

Access to daily 6 minute web workouts and other 30 minute videos
Track Measurements & Stats
Track measurements and stats
Track measurements and stats
Interactive Food Log
Build a Metabolic Profile with Trainer Feedback
Daily recipe ideas
Daily Recipe Ideas
Connection and Collaboration with Fellow Group Members
Upload Before/After Pictures for your Personal Tracking

We have multiple options available to jumpstart your success!

Company Options

  1. Purchase 8 Week Portal Tracking, pay only for participating employees. Included: portal tracking, on- line coach, all work is done on-line.
  2. Purchase 8 Week Portal Tracking and Tabata Bootcamp™ pay only for participating employees.Included: portal tracking, access 24/7 to an on-line coach, one time per week a live 30 minute workout and     stats update, challenges, incentive prizes and celebration at the end of the 8 weeks. This option creates motivation, accountability and the change often companies are looking for when shifting company culture and focus to be more wellness minded. *

Employee Self-Investment

Individuals have the option to sign up on their own for on-line coaching or live Tabata Bootcamp. Simply send an email to: to get registered today!

*This option can be combined with a Biometric Screening to kick off the event, 10 – Minutes to Wellness Series, or an office workshop.