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What is WYAO?

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Our mission is to help save as many lives as possible in the workplace through our wellness education workshops. Designed to cultivate healthier and happier employees where in return a company can see an increase in productivity.

Each workshop is power-packed with a piece of education, motivation, movement and team building. We are hands-on which allows us to truly meet people where they are and help them use what they have and do the best they can from day to day.

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All of our fitness programs are based on cutting-edge science and led by a team of top-notch fitness professionals. Each of our fitness coaches is certified by one or more nationally recognized associations and with 25 years in the industry our CEO also holds multiple national fitness titles such as World Aerobic Champion and US National Team title and medal winner. We hold in-office fitness experiences, onsite and online education and challenges, on or off-site group classes, group training, and customizable programs to fit your fitness needs.

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Our fitness coaches, nutritionists and behavior change specialists are available in person, by phone, email or via our website to help each participant reach and maintain their wellness goals. We will also work with your organization to create accountability partners and peer groups to support each other’s efforts and build morale within your corporate structure. We are here for you!

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WYAO Hawaii in partnership with Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty in educating and supporting individuals to shop, cook and enjoy whole nutrient dense foods prepared in their own kitchen. Our programs simplify weekday meals with easy-to-follow meal plans that include grocery lists and step-by-step prep guides. We have registered dietitians on staff to ensure all of our plans are safe and effective.

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The BIGGEST component of wellness is Behavior Change. Studies show that participants who track their intake (food & drink) and output (all activity) are more likely to be successful with some studies (ABC news, myfitnesspal, dailyburn) showing up to 50% more weight loss among those who track versus those who do not. WYAO Hawaii uses state-of-the-art technology accessible by mobile app to help participants track their input and output with fewer steps than it takes to post on social media! We also offer one-on-one and group coaching, accountability groups, and challenges with recognition for continued participation and success.

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I have very much enjoyed working with Terri from WYAO as a partner in my Community Nutrition course at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. As part of the course, I ask my students to compose brief articles on topics in nutrition that are published on the WYAO website. The students gain valuable experience in conveying information on nutrition to the public, and WYAO participants benefit from the students' knowledge. Thanks, Terri, for this valuable opportunity to collaborate!

JINAN BANNA, PHD., D., CDNAssociate Professor & Graduate Chair of Nutrition

Working with WYAO has been extremely rewarding for the American Diabetes Association. As a not for profit organization, we rely very heavily on our volunteers. Terri has continued to be such an invaluable resource as a partner for our Stop Diabetes @ Work program. Terri’s passion for health and her desire and enthusiasm to share her expertise and time with others to improve their wellbeing says a lot about WYAO and their commitment to a healthier and happier Hawaii.

LJ DUENASHawaii Director, ADA Hawaii

When it comes to one's overall wellness physical and mental Terri Dietz and WYAO (Work Your Ass Off) is there to help you make it happen. Terri has supported me in assisting our youth in adopting a lifestyle that benefits them in living a life of physical and mental quality. Terri is an inspiring coach, teacher and leader that walks the talk!

DENISE DARVAL-CHANGHonolulu District Health & Physical Ed Resource Teacher

Terri and her team at WYAO are fireballs. If you need outside motivation to reach your peak potential look no further. Terri and WYAO Hawaii will put you on the right path quickly and with great results.

DAVID LIVINGSTONThings Worth Saving Publisher

Mahalo Terri and WYAO Hawaii for coming to speak to my Rotary Club at 7:15 am. You got us all moving and laughing and helped get our day off to a great start. And thank you always for your positive energy.

GLORIA A.Rotary Club of Metropolitan Honolulu

Tabata Bootcamp sessions offered by WYAO Hawaii are a great way to burn calories with a fun group of people in two quick classes a week. And when I consistently complete my 6-minute homework and the take 3 plan for nutrition, they make a big difference in my overall health and wellness.


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